30 Minute Flows

  • CrossFlowX™: Shoulder Opening Cardio Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Shoulder Opening Cardio Flow. 33 minutes. Open your shoulders by warming up from the inside out with this 33-minute cardio opening flow. Melt those tight muscles, and be prepared to feel AHHHHHH-mazing!! Deep breaths, and have FUN!

  • CrossFlowV: Third Chakra Flow


    CrossFlowV: Third Chakra Flow. 30 minutes. The third Chakra, aka "Manipura", is all about strength, courage, willpower, self-esteem, and discipline. Physically located at the solar plexus, strengthening this chakra allows you to develop your personal power. This chakra also deals with metabolism...

  • CrossFlowX™: Forearm Stand Tutorial


    CrossFlowX™: Forearm Stand Tutorial. 30 minutes. Grab a yoga strap, blocks, and your mat, and get ready to flip that perspective. Literally. YES, you CAN! This flow will warm you up in all the right places and get you upside down in NO TIME! Believe you can, and you WILL!

  • CrossFlowV: Beginner Flexibility


    CrossFlowV: Beginner Flexibility. 30 minutes. YES, you CAN gain flexibility, at any age. Flexibility starts and ends in the mind. What the mind believes, the body follows. Believe you are flexible, and you will be. Grab some blocks and a yoga strap, and get your flexibility on! Deep breaths!

  • CrossFlowX™: 3rd Chakra Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 3rd Chakra Flow. 32 Minutes. The third Chakra is all about strength, courage, and willpower. Fire all that up with this core-centric, strengthening flow, peppered with fun arm balance options. Don't forget to breathe and have FUN! You WILL sweat!

  • CrossFlowX™: Heart, Chest + Shoulders

    CrossFlowX™: Heart, Chest + Shoulders. Open your heart, chest and shoulders with cardio, and all the right moves to leave you feeling AHHHH-mazing! Fallen dancer included! Deep breaths!

  • CrossFlowX: 30-Minute Detox Cardio Flow

    CrossFlowX: 30-Minute Detox Cardio Flow. Wring out your body, mind, and spirit with this super sweaty detoxifying cardio + strengthening flow. Get rid of anything weighing you down, and create space for all the health, and positivity you desire!

  • CrossFlowX™: 30-minute Mood Boosting Cardio Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 30-minute Mood Boosting Cardio Flow. Open your heart, get that heart rate HIGH, smile, laugh, and sweat with Heidi for 30 minutes while you strengthen, lengthen, and tone.

  • CrossFlowV: 30-Minute Self Love Flow

    Treat your body to a 30 minute moving massage! Unstick all your tightest spots, and be prepared to feel amazing! Video courtesy of Qinetic.

  • CrossFlowX™: 30-minute Hip Opening

    CrossFlowX™: 30-minute Hip Opening. Move, sweat, laugh, and breathe your way through this sweaty, cardio hip opening flow. Kriyas included, of COURSE! When you are in the present moment, you don't have time to limit yourself with false reminders that your hips "are tight". Watch them open in th...

  • CrossFlowX™: Meet your new favorite cardio yoga!

    30-minute CrossFlowX™ with variations for beginners. Flow with Heidi, Caitlin and Humberto! This video introduces and explains many aspects of CFX.

  • CrossFlowX™: Cardio + Strength Flow

    30-minutes of fun filled cardio + strength building yoga with Heidi, Humberto and Caitlin! Heavy focus on the core.

  • CrossFlowV: 2nd Chakra Flow

  • CrossFlowV: Wrist-Free Flow

    CrossFlowV: 35-minute Wrist-Free Yoga Flow. We have been FLOODED with requests for wrist free yoga for MANY reasons:

    1. Less than ideal (not ergonomic) desk / computer situations and set ups in this work from home era.
    2. Significantly increased time connecting via text or dm on phones.
    3. Sig...

  • CrossFlowV: First Chakra Flow

    The first chakra: the root chakra: the Muladhara chakra. Associated with survival, stability, support, and grounding. If you don't have a strong foundation, it is impossible to have a strong life. So, activate your first chakra, and build a strong foundation, so you can build the life of your d...

  • CrossFlowV: Forearm Stand Flow

    Open and strengthen your body in all the best ways to invite forearm stand into your practice with ease. Video courtesy of Qinetic.

  • CrossFlowP: Advanced Prenatal Flow: Arms and Shoulders

    CrossFlowP: Advanced Prenatal Flow focusing on Arms and Shoulders. This flow is not for mamas-to-be who are new to yoga, it is for mamas-to-be with a strong yoga practice. Be sure to do any balance moves at a wall, or with a chair, and if ANYTHING doesn't feel good or right, don't do it! Deep ...

  • CrossFlowP: Advanced Prenatal Flow: Legs and Bum

    CrossFlowP: Advanced Prenatal flow focusing on lower body. This is not for yoga newbies. This flow is for mamas-to-be with a strong existing yoga practice. Please do all balance moves next to a wall, or holding a chair. Don't do anything that doesn't feel amazing on your miraculous body! Blo...

  • CrossFlowP: Prenatal Flow for a Strong Practice

    Pregnancy Flow for mamas with an existing solid and strong yoga practice. This flow is not for mamas-to-be who are new to yoga. Be sure to do any balance moves next to a wall or holding a chair. This video is here courtesy of Qinetic.

  • CrossFlowRx: Yoga for Anxiety

    CrossFlowRx: Yoga for Anxiety. With the input of Dr. Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., FTOS, Licensed Psychologist, we put together a flow of poses aimed at reducing anxiety. While we very much hope this flow lessens your anxiety, just as each of us are unique individuals with different needs, how one mana...

  • CrossFlowRx: Yoga for Neck Pain

    CrossFlowRx: 30 Minutes of Yoga moves and flow for neck pain. These moves are designed to create space and release tension in your neck, traps and shoulders (all of which contribute to your neck pain). Blocks are recommended, and a yoga strap or hand towel might be helpful, but, you can always...