Made For Mamas

All the videos that mamas need: short and sweet, AND hit allllll the right spots! Most of these videos clock in under 20 minutes. YOU CAN DO IT! xx

  • CrossFlowX™: Time Efficient Opening Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Time Efficient Opening Cardio Flow. 23 minutes. Use your body to create internal heat, open up, and feel amazing. No fluff or extras, just the essentials to feel great!

  • CrossFlowX™: No Fuss Abs + Arms


    CrossFlowX™: No Fuss Abs + Arms. 21 minutes. By request: a solid and intense 20 minutes of abs and arms. No filler, no fuss. You will need towels, or socks, or something to slide your feet on for the last series of moves. Get ready!!

  • CrossFlowX™: 27 Minute Tension MELT


    CrossFlowX™: Tension MELT. 27 Minutes. Want that delicious muscle melt to dissolve your tension, but don't have hours? This flow is for you. Heat up with cardio, and melt down with delicious opening yoga poses. Deep breaths + one yoga block will do.

  • CrossFlowX™: Hips in 25


    CrossFlowX™: Hips in 25. 25 minutes. A deep dive on your hips - this yoga flow uses the internal heat you build with the cardio element to permission your hips to release. 1 yoga block is required. Deep breaths and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: Quickie Full Body Cardio Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Quickie Full Body Cardio Flow. 17 minutes. Tight on time, but need to move? This 17-minute cardio flow hits all of your tight spots, opens you up, and gets your heart pumping! What are you waiting for? Get to it!

  • CrossFlowX™: Bare Minimum Back Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Bare Minimum Back Flow. 17 minutes. Cranky back, but no hours to dedicate to melting it? We've got you covered with this 17 minute flow. It's the BARE minimum of moves to release your back, and get it feeling great... so YOU can focus on YOU, and not your cranky back!

  • CrossFlowX™: Lucky 13 Minute Cardio Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Lucky 13 Minute Cardio Flow. 13 Minutes.

  • CrossFlowZ: Evening Unwind


    CrossFlowZ: Evening Unwind. 24 minutes. Didn't get a chance to fit in any movement or "me time" all day? We feel you. Which is why we created this CFZ evening unwind flow. It will clear out the kinks in your body (and mind!) from the day, without waking you up too much to sleep. Deep breaths, ...

  • CrossFlowX™: Mommy and Me Cardio Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Mommy and Me Flow. 28 minutes. Your #1 request has been fulfilled! We present: MOMMY AND ME CFX!!!! ALLLLL ages! My kiddos were prepped zero for this... so, let us know what you think in the comments below! Hope you and your kiddos have as great of a time doing this as we did shoo...

  • CrossFlowX™: Arms + Abs Quickie


    CrossFlowX™: Quickie Arms + Abs. 24 minutes. Activate and tone all of your hot spots in this 24 minute flow. Heading to the beach? Heading out? Wearing a crop top? Want to feel strong? We've got you covered!

  • CrossFlowX™: Pregnancy Friendly Cardio Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Pregnancy Friendly Cardio Flow. 30 Minutes. Tired of all the boooooring prenatal “workouts”? Apparently so, because this flow was FREQUENTLY requested!! OR: are you looking for cardio that is lower impact? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

    We all need to LISTEN to our bodies, regar...

  • CrossFlowX™: Mama Time Flow

    CrossFlowX™: Mama Time is 15 minutes of cardio + strength building kriya flow that opens all the tight spots mamas need open.

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Hip Opening Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 15-minute hip opening flow. Did you know the hips are the emotional storage space of the body? Open your hips and get rid of all of your stuck emotions with this quick, fun cardio flow.

  • CrossFlowX™: 5 minute core routine

    Want to strengthen your core, but only have 5-minutes? This CrossFlowX™ style core flow has you covered!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-Minute Heart Opening Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 15-Minute Heart Opening Flow. Flow, sweat, and open in this 15-minute CrossFlowX™-style flow. Heart openers boost immunity AND mood. Win, WIN!

  • CrossFlowP: Postnatal Opening

    CrossFlowP: Postnatal Opening. Gentle movements and openings in all the spots new mamas need. Be sure to get the green light with your OB before you engage in ANY movement post-baby. This one should leave you feeling AMAZING in only 18 minutes (because I KNOW that you don't have any more)! E...

  • CrossFlowX™: 10-minute Buff Arms

    Want strong arms but short on time? Try this 10-minute CrossFlowX™ style flow for STRONG arms! You won't have any trouble lifting your kiddos.. or kegs, if that's more your thing, after doing this for a few weeks!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Detox Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Detox Flow. Detox your organs, body, mind, and spirit with this sweaty cardio flow full of twists and detoxifying moves. Deep exhales!

  • CrossFlowX™: 10-minute Booty Lift

    You like big (firm) butts, and you can not lie?! Yoga butt is a thing, you know! If you want one, but are strapped for time, try this 10-minute CrossFlowX™ style booty lift flow!

    Intensity level: high.

  • CrossFlowX™: Quick Back Release

    CrossFlowX™: Quick Back Release. 16 minutes. Feel like your back is tight, but you don't have time? This cardio flow will help release and unstick your back in SIXTEEN MINUTES! Get ready to breathe, sweat, and feel AHHHHHH-mazing!!!!!

  • CrossFlowX™: 20 Minute Strength + Cardio Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 20 Minute Strength + Cardio Flow. Twenty minutes all you have? NO PROBLEM! This flow will get you warm, moving, breathing and sweating in 20 minutes. Build strength, open your body, feel amazing. No time? No matter. Enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: 5-minute arms

    Want buff arms, but only have 5 minutes? No problem! This CrossFlowX™ style arm strengthening flow has you covered!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Shoulder Opening

  • CrossFlowX™: Jump Start Your Day

    CrossFlowX™: Jump Start Your Day. 20 minutes. For the mornings you juuuust can't wake up no matter how many cups of coffee you have. This cardio flow will detox your body and mind, and fill it right back up with energy and positivity. Deep breaths, and ENJOY!