Made For Mamas

All the videos that mamas need: short and sweet, AND hit allllll the right spots! Most of these videos clock in under 20 minutes. YOU CAN DO IT! xx

  • CrossFlowX™: Quickie 10-Minute Cardio Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Quickie 10-Minute Cardio Flow. Do you have 10 minutes? If yes, you have all the time you need to move, sweat, and feel open and AMAZING. Nothing required for this one, except for your amazing self. ENJOY!

  • CrossFlowX™: Strong and Open in 20


    CrossFlowX™: Strong and Open in 20. 21 minutes. For all of the 20 minute requests, here is another great cardio flow to help you feel strong and open, in exactly the amount of minutes you have. You will need something to help you slide on your floors (towel, socks, anything). Deep breaths, and ...

  • CrossFlowX™: Yoga Burpee Bonanza


    CrossFlowX™: Burpee Bonanza. 23 minutes. Get your hear rate up, strengthen your entire body, and feel that cardio high in just 23 minutes with this video! With six yoga burpees, and recovery moves in between, this video packs a serious punch!

  • CrossFlowX™: 30-Minute Sweat Sesh


    CrossFlowX™: 30-Minute Sweat Sesh. 30 minutes. Want a good sweat? Want to feel open? Want to feel strong? Want to feel amazing?! Then, this flow is for you. Grab a towel or at least a shirt to wipe your sweat, you'll need it! Deep breaths, and get ready to feel amazing from all the endorphins...

  • CrossFlowX™: Mommy Sanity Saver


    CrossFlowX™: Mommy Sanity Saver. 21 minutes. Hey mama, need to feel better STAT? This flow is exactly what you need! Clocking in at just 21 minutes, you will get your heart rate up, sweat, tone, strengthen, and open! Be prepared to feel completely recharged, and better equipped to handle all ...

  • CrossFlowX™: No Sleep Energy


    CrossFlowX™: No Sleep Energy. 21 minutes. Got no sleep, need some energy? This flow is for you!! The movement will rid your body of fatigue, loosen up your poor tight muscles, and leave you feeling invigorated. Think of this as your healthiest option to get you to your next night's sleep!

  • CrossFlowX™: Quick Back Release

    CrossFlowX™: Quick Back Release. 16 minutes. Feel like your back is tight, but you don't have time? This cardio flow will help release and unstick your back in SIXTEEN MINUTES! Get ready to breathe, sweat, and feel AHHHHHH-mazing!!!!!

  • CrossFlowX™: Hands Free Do Anywhere Flow

    CrossFlowX™: Hands Free Do Anywhere Flow. 18 minutes. Been waiting for the doctor to come in the room too long? Been on hold for way too many minutes? Any other stressful situations where you don't have a yoga mat, can't put your hair up, and just NEED to move? This flow is for you? You don'...

  • CrossFlowV: Calming + Grounding 20-Minute Flow

    CrossFlowV: 20-Minute Calming + Grounding Flow. In times of uncertainty, it is important to take deep breaths, and ground in the here and now. Take 20 minutes to do that right here, right now with first chakra grounding poses and calming breathing exercises. You have got this!

  • CrossFlowX™: Kinks Out (Short)


    CrossFlowX™: Kinks Out (Short). 29 minutes. Need to get some kinks out, but have no resources (time / money / other) to get a massage? This flow helps you massage yourself! Get ready to feel loose as a goose, and stress free after heating yourself up internally, and releasing your tightest spot...

  • CrossFlowZ: Bedtime Shoulder Release


    CrossFlowZ: Bedtime Shoulder Release. 19 minutes. Tight shoulders or tense neck keeping you awake at night? Try this shoulder release flow to open and release, so you can get your Zzzs! Yoga block recommended.

  • CrossFlowZ: Quick Nighttime Shoulder Release


    CrossFlowZ: Quick Nighttime Shoulder Release. 11 minutes. Shoulder tension keeping you up at night? This relaxing shoulder opening flow will help you unwind, and release. Do this before bed, OR anytime that your shoulders need a sweet, sweet release! All levels.

  • CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: GET OUTSIDE


    CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: GET OUTSIDE. 45 seconds. In our shortest video yet, Dr. Darria shares the science behind how getting outside lowers: stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, anger levels, and even boosts key immune cell functions.

    You don’t have to: commit to living off the land, ...

  • CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: MOVE


    CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: MOVE. 77 seconds. Dr. Darria shares how even extremely short bursts of movement have long lasting, and immediate, health benefits. Try this video with us (it's only 77 seconds!), and let us know how you feel in the comments below. Go on, recharge!

  • CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: GROUNDING


    CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: Grounding. 90 seconds. Need a recharge STAT? This is one you can try any time, any where. Do it with Dr. Darria and I for less than 2 minutes, and then let us know how you feel in the comments below. Happy Grounding!

  • CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: LAUGHTER


    CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: Laughter. 90 seconds. Need a recharge quickly? Dr. Darria is BACK with our Microrecovery series. This one is the most fun yet. Give it a whirl, and let us know in comments what you think!

  • CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: MASTERY


    CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: Mastery. 1 minute. Continuing this amazing collaboration with Dr. Darria Long-Gilespie, we are bringing you another microrecovery, and one you might not have ever thought of: MASTERY. Tune in and try it out!

  • CrossFlowX™: Efficient Arms + Abs


    CrossFlowX™: Efficient Arms + Abs. 22 minutes. Want to feel stronger, faster? This cardio flow is for you. Full of kriyas, hiits, and strengthening moves for your upper body and core, this flow will have you feeling stronger, more capable, and all around BETTER, fast!

  • CrossFlowV: Lower Body Love


    CrossFlowV: Lower Body Love. 28 minutes. Show your hips and lower body some love! This flow strengthens and opens it all. Undo all of the sitting and driving, and be prepared to feel relief that LASTS! Deep breaths and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: Toned in 27


    CrossFlowX™: Toned in 27. 27 minutes. Want to feel stronger, leaner, and more toned, but don't have hours to dedicate to lifting weights? No worries, we've got you with this jam packed full body cardio workout. You'll never lift more than your body weight, so all of the planks, chaturangas and...

  • CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: BREATHE


    CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery: Breathe. 97 seconds. Have you done anything to fill your own cup today?


    The first of many collaborations with Dr. Darria!

    ICYMI: check out our introduction video where we break down what it is to RECHARGE vs. refresh (spoiler ...

  • CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery Introduction


    CrossFlowRx: Microrecovery Introduction. 94 seconds. 87% of women never have enough time to get everything done at home. 82% of moms believe they should be able to “do it all”… but only 7% feel they actually can.

    Just two of the mind blowing (and devastating) findings from Dr. Darria Long-Gille...

  • CrossFlowX™: Time Efficient Opening Flow


    CrossFlowX™: Time Efficient Opening Cardio Flow. 23 minutes. Use your body to create internal heat, open up, and feel amazing. No fluff or extras, just the essentials to feel great!

  • CrossFlowX™: No Fuss Abs + Arms


    CrossFlowX™: No Fuss Abs + Arms. 21 minutes. By request: a solid and intense 20 minutes of abs and arms. No filler, no fuss. You will need towels, or socks, or something to slide your feet on for the last series of moves. Get ready!!