Get your handstand and forearm stand ON with these tutorials and flows!

  • CrossFlowV: Three Week Handstand Tutorial: Week One

    CrossFlowV: Three Week Handstand Tutorial: Week One. Learn how to do a handstand in three weeks. Week one starts slow with this 43-minute CrossFlowV Flow. Learn basics, alignment, and positioning for a yoga handstand. No handstanding skills required. Show up, do your best, and you CAN do thi...

  • CrossFlowV: Handstand Tutorial Week Two

    CrossFlowV: Three Week Handstand Tutorial: Week Two. Building on week one. Strap and blocks recommended, but optional. As always: only do what feels good on YOU. Do your best to do this flow 3-5 times your second week of this handstand tutorial. For any days that you cannot, do the following mo...

  • CrossFlowV: Handstand Week Three

    CrossFlowV: Handstand Week Three. 40 minutes. The final installment of our three week handstand series! This video focuses on hamstring Flexibility and working towards a free-standing handstand.

    Without hamstring flexibility, it is difficult to plant your palms on the ground to set up for a han...

  • CrossFlowV: Pressing Up Into Pincha

    CrossFlowV: Pressing Up Into Pincha. 47 minutes. Once you have become comfortable playing with your forearm stands in your practice, it can be a fun challenge to refine the process. A forearm stand will be much more controlled (and therefore less likely to fall out of!) if you PRESS up into it ...

  • CrossFlowX™: Warm Up to Scorpion

    CrossFlowX™: Warm Up to Scorpion. 51 minutes. Scorpion is an arm balance, inversion, heart opener, and so much more. In this cardio flow, you will warm up your body, open, and strengthen in all the right places to enjoy your forearm scorpion pose. Helpful to have two yoga blocks and a yoga st...

  • CrossFlowV: Forearm Stand Flow

    Open and strengthen your body in all the best ways to invite forearm stand into your practice with ease. Video courtesy of Qinetic.

  • CrossFlowX™: Forearm Stand Tutorial

    CrossFlowX™: Forearm Stand Tutorial. 30 minutes. Grab a yoga strap, blocks, and your mat, and get ready to flip that perspective. Literally. YES, you CAN! This flow will warm you up in all the right places and get you upside down in NO TIME! Believe you can, and you WILL!

  • CrossFlowX™: 20-Minute Handstand Tutorial

    CrossFlowX™: 20-Minute Handstand Tutorial. Use Kriyas and cardio to warm up your body, practice core activation, and strengthening, and finally, flip that perspective once and for all! Don't forget to bring your playfulness, and willingness to LAUGH to this one. Be prepared to sweat, and be pre...