15-20 Minute Flows

  • CrossFlowX™: 15 Minute In Between Zoom Reset


    CrossFlowX™: 15 Minute In Between Zoom Reset. We know sitting still, looking all professional for all of your work zooms can do a number on your body. So, we created this quick in-between zoom reset for YOU! You don't need a thing, and can do this anytime you need a reset. Deep breaths, and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowRx: Chair Yoga for Sciatica with Dr. Risa Ravitz

    CrossFlowRx: Chair Yoga for Sciatica with Dr. Risa Ravitz. 2 minute doctor intro + 15 minute chair yoga routine. Open your body in all of the right places to get your blood flowing, oxygen moving, and calm your sciatic nerve. Breathing and opening the body reduces inflammation. Inflammation ca...

  • CrossFlowX™: Mama Time Flow

    CrossFlowX™: Mama Time is 15 minutes of cardio + strength building kriya flow that opens all the tight spots mamas need open.

  • CrossFlowV: Post Run Flow

    CrossFlowV: Post Run Flow. Perfect 20-minute flow to get all the tight spots post run! Don't forget to breathe and make space in your body and mind! Hope you feel amazing!

  • CrossFlowV: Calming + Grounding 20-Minute Flow

    CrossFlowV: 20-Minute Calming + Grounding Flow. In times of uncertainty, it is important to take deep breaths, and ground in the here and now. Take 20 minutes to do that right here, right now with first chakra grounding poses and calming breathing exercises. You have got this!

  • CFX desk body

  • CrossFlowX™: 20-Minute Handstand Tutorial

    CrossFlowX™: 20-Minute Handstand Tutorial. Use Kriyas and cardio to warm up your body, practice core activation, and strengthening, and finally, flip that perspective once and for all! Don't forget to bring your playfulness, and willingness to LAUGH to this one. Be prepared to sweat, and be pre...

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Detox Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Detox Flow. Detox your organs, body, mind, and spirit with this sweaty cardio flow full of twists and detoxifying moves. Deep exhales!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-Minute Heart Opening Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 15-Minute Heart Opening Flow. Flow, sweat, and open in this 15-minute CrossFlowX™-style flow. Heart openers boost immunity AND mood. Win, WIN!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Hip Opening Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 15-minute hip opening flow. Did you know the hips are the emotional storage space of the body? Open your hips and get rid of all of your stuck emotions with this quick, fun cardio flow.

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Shoulder Opening

  • CrossFlowX™: Shoulder Press Pose Tutorial

    This is a 15-minute CrossFlowX™ style yoga pose breakdown flow. Learn how to do Bujapedasana aka "shoulder press pose" arm balance. Blocks are HIGHLY recommended to learn this arm balance. Don't forget to breathe and have FUN!

  • CrossFlowP: Postnatal Opening

    CrossFlowP: Postnatal Opening. Gentle movements and openings in all the spots new mamas need. Be sure to get the green light with your OB before you engage in ANY movement post-baby. This one should leave you feeling AMAZING in only 18 minutes (because I KNOW that you don't have any more)! E...

  • CrossFlowRx: Wrist Repair

    CrossFlowRx: Wrist Repair. 13 minutes. Strengthen and stretch out your wrists in all the best ways. Whether your wrists bother you because you recently had a sharp increase in yoga time, or because you are working from home with a non-ergonomic desk situation, or for any other reason, we've got...