5-10 Minute Flows

  • CrossFlowX™: 10 Minute Cardio Flow


    CrossFlowX™: 10 Minute Cardio Flow. Want to feel strong and energized, but don't have time? This 10 minute cardio yoga flow is for you! Deep breaths, and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: 10-minute Booty Lift

    You like big (firm) butts, and you can not lie?! Yoga butt is a thing, you know! If you want one, but are strapped for time, try this 10-minute CrossFlowX™ style booty lift flow!

    Intensity level: high.

  • CrossFlowX™: 10-minute Buff Arms

    Want strong arms but short on time? Try this 10-minute CrossFlowX™ style flow for STRONG arms! You won't have any trouble lifting your kiddos.. or kegs, if that's more your thing, after doing this for a few weeks!

  • CrossFlowX™: 5-minute arms

    Want buff arms, but only have 5 minutes? No problem! This CrossFlowX™ style arm strengthening flow has you covered!

  • CrossFlowX™: 5 minute core routine

    Want to strengthen your core, but only have 5-minutes? This CrossFlowX™ style core flow has you covered!

  • CrossFlowX™: Side Crow Tutorial

    10-minute CrossFlowX™ style yoga pose breakdown. Warm up in all the right ways to make Parsva Bakasana aka "side crow" arm balance a breeze!

  • CrossFlowV: Basic SS

    CrossFlowV: How to do a basic yoga sun salutation. This video breaks down a basic yoga sun salutation, so you feel comfortable doing them in other flows. Deep breaths and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowV: Classic SS

    CrossFlowV: How to do a classic yoga sun salutation. This video breaks down a classic yoga sun salutation, so you feel comfortable doing them in other flows. Deep breaths and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowV: Heart Opening Sun Salutations

    This is a breakdown of a back bending / heart opening sun salutation. This 10-minute flow includes different modifications and options for you to play around with when you see them in different routines or in class.

  • CrossFlowV: Twisting SS

    This video takes you through a twisting sun salutation. These will show up in any flow that is focused on twisting. Twists are vital for a healthy spine, and great for detoxifying.

  • CrossFlowV: Hip Opening SS

    This video breaks down a hip opening Sun Salutation. You will see this in flows focused on hip opening. Open hips are vital for a pain free back.

  • CrossFlowZ: How to: Alternate Nostril Breathing

    Learn how to practice Nadhi Shodhana aka Alternate Nostril Breathing. This Yoga breathing technique is said to balance both sides of your brain, calm the "monkey mind", and decrease anxiety. Great for before: bed or an important meeting or presentation. This breathing technique is your quickest...

  • CrossFlowZ: Intro to Japa Mala Meditation

    CrossFlowZ: Intro to Japa Mala Meditation. Heidi explains how to start exploring a Japa Mala Meditation practice. Feel free to comment below with what Chakra you feel needs balancing, and Heidi can suggest mantras, beads and more! And, if you have no idea what a Chakra is?! No problem: tell us ...

  • CrossFlowZ: Loving Kindness Meditation Toddler Version

    This is the Toddler interrupted version of a Loving Kindness Meditation. To show you that meditation is possible under any circumstance. Shot during the COVID19 outbreak in NYC. Kiddos were home, and the little one wanted to take part. This video is intended to bring a smile, levity, and some t...

  • CrossFlowP: 12-Minute Pregnancy Flow

    CrossFlowP: 12-Minute Pregnancy Flow for strengthening and opening. Make no mistake: preparing for labor is no joke. This 12 minute flow creates space in expecting mamas' tightest spots, and strengthens where you need to be strong for labor. As always, consult your physician before doing any p...

  • CrossFlowV: SuryaB


    CrossFlowV: SuryaBs + Abs. 12 minutes. Strengthen your FULL body with some targeted core and centering work, followed by 3 rounds of Surya B with options to dial-up and dial down. This flow will teach you different options for Surya B that you can incorporate into ANY yoga practice. Block option...