Made For Mamas

All the videos that mamas need: short and sweet, AND hit allllll the right spots! Most of these videos clock in under 20 minutes. YOU CAN DO IT! xx

  • CrossFlowP: Postnatal Opening

    CrossFlowP: Postnatal Opening. Gentle movements and openings in all the spots new mamas need. Be sure to get the green light with your OB before you engage in ANY movement post-baby. This one should leave you feeling AMAZING in only 18 minutes (because I KNOW that you don't have any more)! E...

  • CrossFlowX™: 10-minute Buff Arms

    Want strong arms but short on time? Try this 10-minute CrossFlowX™ style flow for STRONG arms! You won't have any trouble lifting your kiddos.. or kegs, if that's more your thing, after doing this for a few weeks!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Detox Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Detox Flow. Detox your organs, body, mind, and spirit with this sweaty cardio flow full of twists and detoxifying moves. Deep exhales!

  • CrossFlowX™: 10-minute Booty Lift

    You like big (firm) butts, and you can not lie?! Yoga butt is a thing, you know! If you want one, but are strapped for time, try this 10-minute CrossFlowX™ style booty lift flow!

    Intensity level: high.

  • CrossFlowX™: Quick Back Release

    CrossFlowX™: Quick Back Release. 16 minutes. Feel like your back is tight, but you don't have time? This cardio flow will help release and unstick your back in SIXTEEN MINUTES! Get ready to breathe, sweat, and feel AHHHHHH-mazing!!!!!

  • CrossFlowX™: 20 Minute Strength + Cardio Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 20 Minute Strength + Cardio Flow. Twenty minutes all you have? NO PROBLEM! This flow will get you warm, moving, breathing and sweating in 20 minutes. Build strength, open your body, feel amazing. No time? No matter. Enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: 5-minute arms

    Want buff arms, but only have 5 minutes? No problem! This CrossFlowX™ style arm strengthening flow has you covered!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15-minute Shoulder Opening

  • CrossFlowX™: Jump Start Your Day

    CrossFlowX™: Jump Start Your Day. 20 minutes. For the mornings you juuuust can't wake up no matter how many cups of coffee you have. This cardio flow will detox your body and mind, and fill it right back up with energy and positivity. Deep breaths, and ENJOY!

  • CrossFlowV: 5-Minute Express Self Love Flow

    CrossFlowV: Express Self Love Flow. 5-Minutes. What is self-care? Making the time for yourself to feel GREAT! It doesn't take long. You have FIVE minutes. Do this flow, and your body and mind will thank you. Deep breaths, and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: Quick Heat Inducing Flow

    CrossFlowX™: Quick Heat Inducing Flow. 15 minutes. 'Tis the season... to be COLD?! No thanks. If you live in the Northeast, or anywhere else that gets chilly, this quick 15 minute cardio yoga flow is for YOU! Get ready to warm up from the inside out, and say buh-bye to that winter chill!

  • CrossFlowV: Heat Building Basic Flow

    CrossFlowV: Heat Building Basic Flow. 20 minutes. 'Tis the season... to be COLD?! No thanks. If you live in the Northeast, or anywhere else that gets chilly, this quick 20 minute basic (not EASY!) yoga flow is for YOU! Get ready to warm up from the inside out, and say buh-bye to that winter chill!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15 Minute RESET

    CrossFlowX™: 15 Minute RESET. Need to turn your energy around STAT? Or, need to get a fresh start? This 15 minute cardio flow will help you do just that in no time flat! Grab a block, and get excited, knowing your infinitely better mood is a mere 15 minutes away!

  • CrossFlowZ: Neck and Shoulder Release

    CrossFlowZ: Neck and Shoulder Release. 15 minutes. Neck and / or shoulder pain keeping you up at night? These simple and basic yoga moves are for EVERYONE, and will help release your tightest spots, so you can drift off into dreamland. Grab two yoga blocks if you have them, and be prepared for s...

  • CrossFlowV: Towel Ab Series

    CrossFlowV: 6-Minute Towel Abs. Grab a towel, a yoga blanket, or some swiffer sweepers, and get ready to STRENGTHEN your abs and arms in this killer 6-minute video. These moves will not only strengthen, but teach your body how to press up into an inversion, glide back from one, flip over your to...

  • CrossFlowV: Basic Fat Burning Flow

    CrossFlowV: Basic Fat Burning Flow. 15 minutes. Fat burn in yoga?! YES. These basic moves wring out your organs physically, and get your blood and oxygen moving and grooving, so any unwanted fat can exit your body. Don't forget: muscle burns more calories than fat, so: muscle is always a good t...

  • CrossFlowV: More Flexibility Flow

    CrossFlowV: More Flexibility Flow. 15 minutes. Feel like you have more room than Flexibility basics are allowing you to explore? Move into this 15 minute flexibility flow, and open in allllll the right places! Yoga blocks are optional, deep breaths are not!

  • CrossFlowX™: Hands Free Do Anywhere Flow

    CrossFlowX™: Hands Free Do Anywhere Flow. 18 minutes. Been waiting for the doctor to come in the room too long? Been on hold for way too many minutes? Any other stressful situations where you don't have a yoga mat, can't put your hair up, and just NEED to move? This flow is for you? You don'...

  • CrossFlowX™: OPEN Cardio Flow: Short

    CrossFlowX™: OPEN Cardio Flow: short. 13 minutes. Whether you have only a few minutes, or close to an hour, we have made a version of CrossFlowX™ OPEN for YOU! Whenever you feel tight, press play on this flow for how ever many minutes you have. Be prepared to OPEN!

  • CrossFlowX™: 10 Minute Cardio Flow

    CrossFlowX™: 10 Minute Cardio Flow. Want to feel strong and energized, but don't have time? This 10 minute cardio yoga flow is for you! Deep breaths, and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: 15 Minute In Between Zoom Reset

    CrossFlowX™: 15 Minute In Between Zoom Reset. We know sitting still, looking all professional for all of your work zooms can do a number on your body. So, we created this quick in-between zoom reset for YOU! You don't need a thing, and can do this anytime you need a reset. Deep breaths, and enjoy!

  • CrossFlowX™: Shoulder Opening Cardio Flow

    CrossFlowX™: Shoulder Opening Cardio Flow. 33 minutes. Open your shoulders by warming up from the inside out with this 33 minute cardio opening flow. Melt those tight muscles, and be prepared to feel AHHHHHH-mazing!! Deep breaths, and have FUN!

  • CrossFlowV: Fourth Chakra Flow

    Fourth Chakra: Anahata Chakra / Unstruck Sound Chakra. Color: Green. Seed sound: Yam. Body parts associated: lungs, heart, arms, hands. This chakra is associated with the ability to give and receive love. You cannot receive love if your heart is not open. So, open your heart! There is nothin...

  • CrossFlowX™: STRONGER Cardio Flow

    CrossFlowX™: STRONGER Cardio Flow. 27 minutes. When we get our bodies stronger, our minds are stronger and visa versa. Get ready to pop those arm muscles, strengthen your core, and your whole being with this 27 minute arm and core focused flow. When you KNOW that you are capable of holding yourse...